Our Compassion Projects

Rx Seed Coin is the “coin of compassion.” Our compassion-driven assets are tied directly to the blockchain through our SOW capital which in turn benefits our compassion projects:

Compassion Project #1: Emergency Housing Assistance

Providing “Seed Homes” for the homeless due to disaster or displaced families.

Rx SeedCoin (SOW) manufactures emergency housing for disaster relief, displaced families, and unexpected homelessness.

Advisory Board Member Jeff Richfield is a licensed GC and has formed relationships with builders to partner with Rx Seed Coin to convert shipping containers into fully efficient. self-contained Tiny Homes.  In addition Richfield owns a Tesla certified roof company to provide solar roofing.  These homes are used for immediate relief in emergencies and homelessness. They relocate logistically by trucks, trains and sea vessels and are ready for transport to the next disaster or emergency. After one year of field service, the homes are estimated to be sold at 2.5-3 times the cost. Cost is near or about $25,000 USD per 40-foot home with 320 sf.    With a selling price of near $75,000, the funds are repurposed for new homes and market capitalization via “buy” orders for SOW. This cycle is perpetual for SOW coin.   We are currently negotiating quantities of homes to be built with our trade partner below:

Jody Davis 3r3ctors Group of AR, LLC

Compassion Project #3: Food Crisis Assistance

Providing Seed for Food

Rx SeedCoin actively supports all efforts to eradicate Food Insecurity in America.  We see a day when seed is scarce so we’re taking action. RX SeedCoin is developing core business relationships with local and national seed providers to be a part of cultivating and promoting community gardens.  Additionally we have relationships with partners who have access to high quality food to be distributed monthly to those who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own, elderly COVID victims, and those who have lost their parents, spouses or children.

Compassion Project #2: Global Health Promotion

Helping Promote World Health Through Our Community of Experts

We will employ missions to seed good health for those who suffer and need wise counsel from our board members. 

  • Founders David and Stephanie Miller created an award winning herbal coffee that has thousands of positive testimonials of healing all matter of illnesses. 
  • Advisory board member Dr. Edward F. Group, DC, NP, is the founder of the award-winning Global Healing Center that has grown into an international brand that serves as an industry leader in natural health. It combines modern technological innovation with time-honored traditional herbal knowledge.
  • Advisory board member Richard Bartlett MD has the same global vision of sustaining health and preventing and treating all matters of disease for mankind.  He has been working on the frontlines of Covid with very successful protocols.