What is Rx SeedCoin?

Rx SeedCoin is a cryptocurrency coin asset currently listed on the Stellar (XLM) Exchange, symbol: SOW. With SeedCoin you can support a worthy cause and in exchange, receive valuable LIVE coin assets!

Rx SeedCoin (SOW) is all about compassion … it will help to house the unexpected homeless, to solve the hunger crisis, and to promote global heath. For more details on our compassion projects that Rx SeedCoin will feed, go here (link to Compassion page).

Rx Seed Coin is a cryptocurrency coin asset currently listed on the Stellar Exchange, symbol: SOW. Rx SeedCoin is the only coin with a Multi-Stage Engine. Below are the engine stages necessary to affect market appreciation and interest in our asset.

Our Unique Multi-Stage Engine

Engine 1 – Compassion-Driven Assets

Teenage girl with other poor people receiving food from volunteers indoors

Our compassion-driven assets are tied directly to the blockchain through our SOW capital which in turn benefits:

⁃          Emergency Housing Assistance

⁃          Food Crisis Assistance

⁃          Global Health Promotion

Learn more about our compassion projects here.

Engine 2 – Affiliate Trust Line Network

Our Seed Coin Holders establish affiliate trust line networks (people under you who buy SOW). These networks provide a generous “payback” to users through simple introduction to family and friends. This is how you SOW some SEED to family and friends!

On the Stellar network, before you can transfer assets from one wallet to another, a trust line must first be established between both parties. To ensure the stability of SOW, our national family of affiliates establishes thousands of trust lines. Trust lines demonstrate the ecosystem orbiting the SOW asset. Thousands of trust lines serve as a metric that ensures the security and purpose of Seed Coin to prospectors on the Block Chain.