Crypto + Compassion

What happens when you mix cryptocurrency with compassion?

You get Rx SeedCoin … sowing the seeds of compassion.

Introducing “SOW” – the first crypto currency of compassion helping to solve human crises and feed human potential.

Our Vision

We, the founders of Rx SeedCoin, have studied the market for years, but we knew it baffled most people. Then we thought what if we could create a currency using the best possible and practical for both cryptocurrency and the common consumer. The non-technical, non-block chain person. If there was a way to connect the general public to this powerful leveraging tool that was traded on the open market, it would be huge!

We realized that there are three main areas of crisis for the world today: homelessness, hunger and health. We knew we could help in all three areas with our connections. And we knew we could build a community of compassion using the “coin of compassion.”

So we created Rx SeedCoin to help people, help people … and receive a living gift in exchange for their compassion with hopes that it will grow.

Buy coin, sow it, share it with your friends and family, and reap the rewards.

Emergency Housing

Rx SeedCoin (SOW) manufactures emergency housing for disaster relief, displaced families, and unexpected homelessness.

Food Crisis Assistance

Rx SeedCoin is committed to supporting efforts to eradicate Food Insecurity in America. 

Global Health Promotion

Rx SeedCoin is committed to giving people access to the highest quality natural supplementation as well as health, nutritional and medical advice through our advisory board’s expertise. 

“We’re in a global currency crisis and we realized that blockchain can help feed the needs of the hurting. We’re Creating our own Sovereign Ecosystem.”  
Team SeedCoin